Check out this image and more from Chris Chamberlains latest cookbook. You can find this recipe for Old Hickory Burgoo on page 171 of The Southern Foodies’s Guide to the Pig available on Amazon and also for local followers Chris will be at Parnassus Books in Green Hills Nashville on September 16th at 6:30. I want to thank author Chris Chamberlain and Heather Skelton at Thomas Nelson Publishing for allowing Food Stylist & Prop Artist; Teresa Blackburn and I to create a visual note book of the recipes he gathered from pit masters & chefs across the south.
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"The Southern Foodie’s Guide To The Pig"

I love to work on cookbooks, and to get the opportunity to work on the latest enticing southern recipes from food writer & cookbook author Chris Chamberlain was an honor.  This is a follow up to his first book The Southern Foodie. In his latest cookbook  The Southern Foodie’s Guide To The Pig,  Chris takes us on a culinary tour of the south’s best restaurants & the recipes that made them famous. From Memphis Tennessee to Richmond Virginia to the way down south in New Orleans you will want to try each and every recipe that Chris as coaxed out of the pit master and chefs.

Chris is a life long Tennessean and also writes for the Nashville Lifestyles Magazine and is the Southern corespondent for A national website dedicated to Drinking, Eating, and Living the way of a man should. Also his writing can be found in The Local Palate Magazine, Taste of the South, Julep, The Bourbon Review and the Southern Foodways Alliance’s Gravy newsletter.

I want to thank author Chris Chamberlain and Heather Skelton at Thomas Nelson Publishing for allowing Food Stylist & Prop Artist; Teresa Blackburn and I to create a visual note book of the recipes he gathered from pit masters & chefs across the south.

If you want to meet Chris in person he will be at Parnassus Books at 3900 Hillsboro Pike, Nashville TN on Tuesday, September 16 at 6:30-8pm signing his cookbook. You can also find this book and his first on

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One more from my flight tour with #talkeetnaairtaxi #markboughtonphotography
#alaskaadventure @denalinps #alaska (at Alaska USA)

I just posted this image and more on my blog on my website. Check it out. #markboughtonphotography
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@denalinps (at Mark Boughton Photography Studio)

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Alaska: My Flight Tour of Denali’s Mt. McKinley

As From Wikipedia:  The name “Alaska” (Аляска) had been introduced in the Russian colonial period, when it was used to refer to the peninsula. It was derived from an Aleut idiom, which figuratively refers to the mainland of Alaska. Literally, it means object to which the action of the sea is directed. It is also known as Alyeska, the “great land”, an Aleut word derived from the same root.

Last month my wife and I traveled to the “Great Land”. For almost 11 days we traveled the roads of Alaska exploring ever corner. Each turn in the road was a new view of grandeur. Mountains all around and wilderness so open that you could get lost. We arrived in Anchorage grab our car and we are off on our adventure. First stop is the town of Talkeetna, AK population 876. From here I took a flight tour to Mt. McKinley. Chris from Talkeetna Air Taxi my tour guide.

We were the last flight of three for the day. The first two planes took off at full passenger capacity, but our plan had 6 people on board including our pilot. This made for a wonderful trip. Upon arriving to the mountains Chris flew us over several of the peaks and gave us all an amazing view of Mt. McKinley. (just breath taking) There was a lot of chatter on the radio about weather or not landing on any of the glaciers was doable or not. But the first two pilots that left before use landed at what they called base camp for McKinley. Our pilot looks down and see both planes on the same glacier and says, lets look for a place more quiet.  So we flew a few more minutes and went over a ridge and came down to an altitude for a glacier he called “Thunder. Chris says to us he has wanted to land on this glacier for 5 years but never has had the chance. Today was the chance. Conditions were perfect!

I want to tell you this was the most amazing experience of my life. To be one of only 6 people standing on this glacier was exhilarating. As we all exited the plan on to the glacier the only sound you could hear was your heart beating at a quickened rate. As I stood there reeling off frame after frame just awe struck with the beauty of were I was standing I took my last moment and listened to the wind and a small snow slide happening up the valley and reveled in the silence of nature. Never have I heard so little, but heard so much.

Enjoy my vision of Denali National Park and Mt. McKinley from above and on Thunder Glacier.













Ribs & Rice! Yum. Outtake from last weeks shoot.
Styling by Mary Ann Fowlkes (at Mark Boughton Photography Studio)

Courtney pulling shots! @cremacrema #nashville
#foodandtravelphotographer (at CREMA)


Here we are heading into the third week of August, deep into summer. Pickel it,fry it or stew it with some tomatoes. As a kid I never would have eaten it, but now I love it. I shot some fresh okra for #relishmag straight, but I loved my set so much I broke out the #groundglassphotography and made this shot. Cheers
#okra #nashville #localgrown (at Mark Boughton Photography Studio)

Well we had another bumper crop of peaches this year. All the jams are done. This image will be part if a show next month. More details soon. Cheers! #groundglassphotography #localgrown #peaches #markboughtonphotography
(at Mark Boughton Photography Studio)

Humbling to be standing among the mountains so near to the heavens and experience such beauty.
To the lover of wilderness, Alaska is one of the most wonderful countries in the world.
John Muir
#foodandtravelphotographer @talkeetnaair @denalinps @natgeo #alaskaadventure #alaska #denalinationalpark (at Alaska, USA )

Rarely do I post pics of my self I like being behind the camera! This image was taken while in Alaska on a glacier in Denali National Park on the flight your I took.
#talkeetnaairtaxi #alaska #alaskaadventure (at Mount McKinley)

The last if the peaches from my tree:( your looking at future Jam and Peach Crostata :•)
#peachjam #peaches
#nashville #homegrown
(at Mark Boughton Photography Studio)

A Cool thing just happened. The official Instagram site for Denali National Park featured my Mount McKinley image I posted last night. So Honored. They are new to Instagram so go too there site and check out more images from the park. @denalinps
#denalinationalpark (at Mark Boughton Photography)

Just starting to look at our Alaska Images!! I took this image of Mount McKinley while on a Flight Tour with @talkeetnaair we had the best pilot! Chris you Rock!!!
#alaskaadventure #talkeetnaairtaxi #talkeetnaalaska
#blackandwhite (at Mark Boughton Photography Studio)

Fourteen years ago today this lovely lady married me!! Happy Anniversary Baby !!!
#Anniversary (at Land’s End, Homer, AK)